The Gentle Path to Strengthening Your Core

The Gentle Path to Strengthening Your Core


Maybe you have friends who love exercise classes with tough ab work. They want to leave feeling nauseous and sore. On the other hand, you’d like an easier way to strengthen your core.


You can have a firm and flat midsection without feeling like you caught the flu. A gentler workout can even help protect you from injuries to your pelvis, back, and neck.


Find out how to stay comfortable while you work your core. Understand the principles behind choosing and modifying abdominal exercises and learn how to design a workout that matches your fitness level and goals.


General Principles for Strengthening Your Core Gently:


1. Seek balance. Target your whole core, including your back and hips, as well as your abdominals. That way, you’ll avoid muscle strains caused by putting too much pressure on weaker areas.


2. Honor your limits. Stop if you feel pain, especially in your lower back. The exercise may be beyond your fitness level. It could also be a sign that a specific movement isn’t well suited to your body type.

A strong and flexible core makes daily activities easier and gives you power and balance. Build up your abdominals, back, and hips with a workout routine that keeps you safe while you increase your fitness.



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