The Beginning of My Fitness Journey 

The Beginning of My Fitness Journey 

Four weeks into my online training and nutrition program with Jammel, I am currently down 6 pounds. What I enjoy most about training with Jammel is his commitment to his clients. Almost every day he checks in with me to ensure I am staying on track with the program. Accountability is the biggest thing for me and Jammel does just that! Moreover, I train with Jammel about 3 times a week and he pushes me hard through every training session. Instead of giving up on me for some of the exercises I struggle with, Jammel made adjustments by providing alternative exercises. I’ve tried all type of diets you can think of but none of them worked for me. Early this year I decided to give up on diets and really change the way I think. I begin to focus more on my overall health and not just on losing weight. I’m so happy I stumbled across Jammel in the gym one day and he told me about his program. I currently have the right mindset and the perfect training program to help me reach my goals. 

~Torrie C

IG: @glitz2glamour 

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