We are a Veteran minority owned business that provides quality and affordable Fitness, Nutrition and Apparel service. We offer Private One on One Personal Training to our clients.  Combat Core Fitness is no ordinary simplification in some latest trend. Client, can seem so anesthetic a word, so instead, Combat Core Fitness seeks to build individuals who will become better spouses, friends, sisters, brothers, co-workers etc. We will then help nurture a bond that outlives the typical trainer/ “client” relationship. One in which physical fitness and therapy meet education and mentoring; inspiring others to build and grow those around them. Our Principles are: Commitment. Consistency. Fortitude.

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Private Training

With over 8 years of private training experience, I can help you:

✓ Get back into shape after a long break, injury or child birth

✓ Reduce body fat and create lean body mass

✓ Improve core strength, (which helps firm and flatten the belly) plus reduce lower back pain

✓ Rehab, improve balance & agility, prevent injury

✓ Make a total lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits

✓ Motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age!

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What We Offer


➤ 12 week Weightloss Packages

➤ Customize Nutritional Plan

➤ Base in Northern Virginia

➤ All Abilities Welcome

➤ In Home Service

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