About ME

Our Founder, Jammel Boothe, is a proud Marine Combat Veteran and ex Law Enforcement Ocer that uses the tness principles he learned in the military to help provide you with results.

Jammel is the man behind a growing fraction in the tness industry today. But, Combat Core Fitness is no ordinary simplication in some latest trend. Client, can seem so anesthetic a word, so instead, Combat Core Fitness seeks to build individuals who will become better spouses, friends, sisters, brothers, coworkers etc. We will then help nurture a bond that outlives the typical trainer/ “client” relationship. One in which physical tness and therapy meet education and mentoring; inspiring others to build and grow those around them.

Our Principles are: Educate. Motivate. Activat

My Mission

Combat Core Fitness is sustainability.

The task, keeping in mind that everyone has unique hallenges/ advantages to their personal tness journey, is nding what works for that individual so that they can live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Combat Core tness is sustainability

My Vision

Fitness is life

Call it function, a lifestyle choice or career advantage. Fitness aids in establishing balance. Jammel encourages his clients to think beyond the physical, to seek overall mind, body and soul connections.

Retail Location:

1018 Lincoln Rd, Bellevue, NE 68005